Completed Designs

The proof is in the pudding. We don't have a show room so the best way we can show you the quality of our work is in the pieces we have designed, built and delivered.


SLim and Long Desk

Designed to fit into a specific space in a spare room/office this design is deceptively simple.  The top is made from highly figured Vic Ash and the sub-structure plus the legs from blackbutt and messmate.  Black epoxy fills were used to create extra contrast. The legs are dovetailed for strength and offset from the top to create a shadow gap and a sense that the top is floating.  The design inset the legs to allow it to avoid the architraves and sit flush with the walls minimising its footprint.   

4 seat Round table 

Bec needed a small dining table for her new place. She wanted a round table that was 1100 to 1200 mm in diameter that could seat four people without anyone hitting their knees on the legs.  It also needed to be easy to disassemble.  We designed a table making use of some spotted gum floor boards and vic ash for the legs and arranged the legs at an angle that avoided contact with peoples legs.  These table legs were arranged in an overlapped cross section and can be unbolted from a set of brackets on the table top.  When finished appropriately the spotted gum floor boards looked amazing.  

MINIMALIST Walnut coffee Table

A rare occasion where we made use of an imported timber, American black walnut.  The client wanted a very simple minimalist coffee table that had a sense of bulk.  It needed to be 1200 mm long by 390 mm wide and importantly 340 mm high.  This height was important as it allowed for a comfortable position sitting under or kneeling at the coffee table.  The incredible richness of the walnut colouring and pattern is emphasized further by the uninterrupted flowing of the grain down each end.  The photos don't quite do it justice. 


Live Edge Redgum Bench

We found a piece of redgum in an antiques and knick knacks store in Daylesford.  It looked pretty tacky with horseshoes nailed to it to hold little flower pots.  But the slab was beautiful, so we bought it and turned it into a bench that can be used outdoors or in.  The legs are blackbutt and the cracks in the slab have been filled with black tinted epoxy.  The top is incredibly smooth and invites you to run your hands over it as you sit.  The bench is finished in OSMO UV protection outdoor wax oil and is buffed to a fine sheen.


Spotted Gum and Vic Ash Mid century Inspired coffee table

The client wanted a small coffee table that could be easily knelt at or sat under.  Their apartment is small so it needed to have a light breezy look and the client was fond of mid-century and Scandinavian furniture styles.  We found some lovely bits of spotted gum that had a blonde stripe down one side. To achieve the correct width, we added a piece between two spotted gum boards. The stripes in the spotted gum matched the colouring of vic ash so well, that we decided to be bold and make the middle piece a stripe of vic ash.  This led to the legs and sub-frame being made out of vic ash as well to reference the stripe.  The result looks amazing, with a modern feel to a mid-century form and visual language.  The top was sanded to a very high grit so that it is silky smooth and the table is finished in OSMO Polyx with an additional coat of beeswax that was buffed to a low sheen.


marri and walnut ottoman table and stool

The brief was for a little table that would slot over a couch or ottoman.  The client had a small apartment and didn't like having a coffee table that would take up lots of space and just be a repository for stuff.  They had a large 800 mm by 800 mm ottoman that matched a wraparound lounge suite.  They also have a 2 year old who was likely to clamber all over whatever was made, so it needed to be strong.  Finally they wanted a really interesting wood with lots of figure.  We did some CAD modelling and built a prototype.  We settled on highly figured Marri wood with steel inset brackets hidden by an inlay of american black walnut.  The result was an incredibly beautiful set of two ottoman tables that could slot over the ottoman or couch in 'C' orientation or be used as stools or side tables in 'N' orientation.  The steel brackets and jointing technique allowed for a strength rating of 200+ kg in 'N' orientation and 75+ kg in 'C' orientation.


Vic ash and bamboo 'Nook' Bathroom cupboard, shelf and towel rack

The client had a small space in a bathroom from the removal and covering of a door.  The bathroom is awkwardly laid out and the client wanted cupboard space, a shelf and somewhere to hang two towels.  After trialing a couple of different design solutions, we settled on a cupboard shelf with two towel hanging points underneath and a piece of matching wood to protect the plaster ledge below and which also ties into the design making it look more complete.  We dubbed it the 'nook' cupboard.  The style is simple and sleek, it fits into the 100 mm depth nook and provides usable space. The design was finished in 4 coats of matt water based varnish to protect it in the water laden environment of the bathroom.


Vic ash and bamboo Inlay 'Pattern' coffee table

This was a concept build by Bec and Steve.  There was a large amount of bamboo ply leftover from the Media Console build.  The way the bamboo ply is made creates a striped through thickness pattern.  Bec wanted to create a parquetry or tiled pattern that would make use of this effect and decided to build it into a coffee table.  There was much experimentation on the pattern, but the final design used an overlapping diamond motif with the colouring fading from dark at the center to light at the far corners.  The coffee table design itself is a modern minimalist style, with trapezoidal legs.  Bec wanted a shelf underneath and after some brainstorming Bec and Steve realised that a similar trapezoidal shape could be used for the shelf and sized to act as extensions to the main legs.  These extensions allow the coffee table to be setup as a small dining table, great for small apartments or spaces.  We all learnt a lot from the build and the pattern turned out really well. 


Vic ash and bamboo Media console

This was a personal build for Dave.  There were no consoles on the market at the time that looked good, hid away most of the devices and provided large amount of storage.  Starting with this simple list of requirements Dave and Steve built this Victorian ash and bamboo ply console that has a very simple and yet beautiful form.  The lattice of Victorian ash with inset bamboo panels and the design's simple elegant form provides a Japanese feel.  This is emphasized by the inset shallow mounting that makes the design seem to float. There is huge amounts of storage and the digital devices are hidden away as much as possible.  To add more functionality the big middle drawers can be pulled right out and lids put on to make stools.  To achieve a less orangy yellow finish with this design it was finished using natural soap.  This finish is lots of fun to apply, is quite good environmentally and was suitable for this design as it isn't a piece of furniture subject to heavy use like a table or chairs. 


Tassie Oak outdoor sideboard

This lovely shaker style outdoor sideboard was designed and built by Steve for his covered outdoor area. It has a shallow depth and light presence but still has loads of space for all the elements of the  outdoor setting. It is 1880 mm long, 900 mm high and 300 mm deep. It was finished in decking oil to give it longevity outside.