Materials and Finishes

In general the material we use for making furniture is sustainably grown and harvested Australian hardwoods or recycled/recovered hardwoods. We also commonly use OSMO finishes on our creations as it is high performing as well as being kind to people and the planet.

We are definitely open to using other materials and processes to enable the production of metal legs or cushioned surfaces or CNC machining for intricate designs.  

The following provides an overview of some of the choices available in Australian hardwoods and the types of finishes we like to use. 


Australian Hardwoods

It is our preference to build from sustainable sources of local timber.  For fine furniture these timbers are generally hardwoods.  Here in Melbourne we have access to a large variety of different local hardwoods that are either freshly milled and dried or recovered.  Some of the woods we have used are shown below, this is by no means all that is available.  Some others that can be sourced are Tasmanian Beech, Ironbark, Wandoo, Queensland Maple, Brushbox, Tallowwood, Sugargum, Bluegum, Silkwood, and, many more.

Finishes we like

We have a series of preferred finishes that match our taste, what our previous clients have liked and that really help the wood look amazing.  It is our preference for these finishes to be as natural as possible without harmful chemicals in their production or use.  Ultimately it's up to you and we will endeavor to use the finish you like best.