Builds that are on the go!

We are always making something, for a sneak peak of the current builds have a look below.

Walnut Coffee Table.jpg

Minimalist black Walnut Coffee Table

Two minimalist coffee tables are being made from some American Black Walnut. One is for a client and the other is to be sold.  The design is deceptively simple but incredibly elegant and shows off the gorgeous features of the walnut. It is 1200 mm long and 400 mm wide.  It has been sized at 340 mm high to enable comfortable Japanese style sitting or kneeling on the floor to eat. It could comfortably serve 4-6 people without occupying too much space.

Outdoor Utility Cover.jpg

Spotted gum Outdoor Utility Covers 

The picture shows one of two covers that are being made from some leftover spotted gum floor boards and decking boards.  The idea is to cover the ugly utilities (a/c unit and hot water unit) on a balcony and at the same time provide some useful bench space.  The design is shown in full as a CAD render in the ideas section.  The idea with this build has been to create a really beautiful outcome with the materials to hand and at minimal cost.  This piece cost $50 in materials.

Pen Plinth.jpg

Redgum pen plinth

A friend needed a quick addition for a present for his wife, he had bought her a beautiful pen but wanted a plinth for it to sit on.  The plinth is simple but beautiful in redgum, which when finished will really glow with a deep red warmth.  This will offset the silver pen beautifully.  Obviously the plinth isn't for the sharpie pictured!