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Hi everyone, this is Bec. I had a fantastic holiday emersed in some amazing cultures with incredible histories. I spent time in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. I was very inspired by the architecture, patterns, tradintional artestry, tiles, furniture and different styles of joinery. The use of wood furniture seemed a lot more common in homes, restaurants, shops etc. I have a minor obsession with patterns and parquetry so i truly enjoyed finding lots of inspiration for patterns to try at home :)  

Below are some photos of some cool stuff i found. ...



The long boats were every where in Thailand, I loved the curves and shapes of the boats. We visited a village where they built these boats and it was so interesting to see the formation of the keel, then the skeleton and outer layer.



Table in Thailand with legs angled 45 degrees to frame.



Love the idea of wood tiles (Thailand) . 



The shapes of buildings in Cambodia and the use of colour was very inspiring. 



Loved this chair back in our hotel in Cambodia. 



The temples in Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat were incredible, with their history and the famous trees growing through the old buildings.



Vietnam had amazing architecture in their pagodas and assembly halls. 



Terrible photo, but we went to an old renovated house called the blue mansion. Amazing blue colour on the outside and beautiful internals (Penang, Malaysia). 



Beautiful tile patterns in KL, Malaysia.  

We would love to hear what inspires you in furniture and if there is a peice you’d love to design. 



Ahhh Japan...

Well my holiday is done and I’ll be back in the workshop tomorrow to set up for a big 2018.   Steve has already been working on some new designs and Bec has come back from her own holiday to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia with a bunch of inspirations and new ideas.  She will pen some of these ideas and experiences in a future blog post.

For me, seeing the tradition and refinement of Japanese wood work in the flesh was wonderful and I couldn’t help but purchase a little radius plane or Kanna to add to our toolkit. 

Complex traditional joinery in Kanazawa Castle 

Complex traditional joinery in Kanazawa Castle 

Great but small tool shop in Ibaraki just outside of Kyoto. 

Great but small tool shop in Ibaraki just outside of Kyoto. 

So many to choose from!!  

So many to choose from!!  

Cute little radius plane for planing curved surfaces.

Cute little radius plane for planing curved surfaces.


We are hoping 2018 will be a big year for Mo’Kepala, so send us a message about the design you have in your head and lets get going on making it a reality :)


Beautiful Furniture Tokyo

So I’m in crazy, amazing, surprising and busy Tokyo. There is so much to see, this one week is merely a drop in the ocean, scratching the surface of what this city has to offer. But today I did manage to find a couple of local furniture design and build shops. One is a collective called ‘svale’ and the other is called ‘SERVE’. 

We found these in the Kichijoji area whilst seeking out good coffee and Ghibli Museum.

Check these guys out online and on insta they make some beautiful things.


svale -


Final delivery before holidays!

We made our final delivery before heading off for Japan tomorrow. The minimalist walnut coffee table was delivered in time for christmas and was christened with profiteroles and chai.

Whilst travelling I will be keeping an eye out for the beautiful furniture and timber features that Japan is famous for. I might even get to peruse some of the awesome Japanese woodworking tools - perhaps even pick up a new Kanna :)

Have a great Christmas/New Years everyone! 



We are finally online...

Mo'Kepala has been setting up, tooling up and working damn hard to deliver on our first batch of custom designed and built fine furniture.  We started in June 2017 and its been six months of hard work but finally we have found some time to setup our website and take another step towards building more furniture.

2018 will be a big year in which we will get connected to the social side of the internet, work on some new pieces and add some new tools and capabilities to our list. So stay tuned.

We are all off travelling overseas until the end of January 2018, but don't hesitate to send us an email if you have an idea and just want to make contact to get the ball rolling.

Take care and have fun over the Christmas New Years period, see ya'll in 2018.

Bec, Steve & Dave.