Some inspiration from OS

Hi everyone, this is Bec. I had a fantastic holiday emersed in some amazing cultures with incredible histories. I spent time in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. I was very inspired by the architecture, patterns, tradintional artestry, tiles, furniture and different styles of joinery. The use of wood furniture seemed a lot more common in homes, restaurants, shops etc. I have a minor obsession with patterns and parquetry so i truly enjoyed finding lots of inspiration for patterns to try at home :)  

Below are some photos of some cool stuff i found. ...



The long boats were every where in Thailand, I loved the curves and shapes of the boats. We visited a village where they built these boats and it was so interesting to see the formation of the keel, then the skeleton and outer layer.



Table in Thailand with legs angled 45 degrees to frame.



Love the idea of wood tiles (Thailand) . 



The shapes of buildings in Cambodia and the use of colour was very inspiring. 



Loved this chair back in our hotel in Cambodia. 



The temples in Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat were incredible, with their history and the famous trees growing through the old buildings.



Vietnam had amazing architecture in their pagodas and assembly halls. 



Terrible photo, but we went to an old renovated house called the blue mansion. Amazing blue colour on the outside and beautiful internals (Penang, Malaysia). 



Beautiful tile patterns in KL, Malaysia.  

We would love to hear what inspires you in furniture and if there is a peice you’d love to design.