Mo’Kepala is Steve, Bec and Dave. We are from the same family and share a love of woodworking, making and designing.  We have varied backgrounds encompassing industrial design, engineering and social work but have always been tinkering on creative projects in our spare time. In recent years we have been working more with wood and have often found ourselves making furniture pieces for our homes that just couldn’t be found in traditional furniture retailers.

We realised that many people we knew had similar problems finding that perfect furniture piece and were often forced to compromise on something that did not quite fit the function or style they desired. So we decided to combine our love of making, commitment to great design and desire to help people find that perfect furniture piece and start a custom fine furniture business. 

We are great believers in the power of collaborative design practices and we love to work with our customers to design a piece of furniture that meets their needs. We also believe that a well-built and cared for piece of hardwood furniture should last for decades allowing it to be used by multiple generations of people. We love bringing out the character of different types of hardwood and creating pieces that are well built, professionally designed and finely finished. We seek to use, wherever possible, sustainable sources of local timbers and materials and love the challenge of building something new and different.