The way we design and build for you...

We have a design and build process that puts you at the center. 

We want to help you visualise the furniture piece you want and then be able to cost it accurately for you before you need to make a decision about purchasing.

The details of this process are below.


1. contact us

It all starts with your email to us about the idea you have in mind.  This idea can be well defined or just a broad brush sense of the function, the look and the feel the piece might have.  So send us an email with your ideas and Mo'Kepala will get back to you to let you know whether your idea is something we can make, and if it is, the collaboration begins.

2. Collaborate

We are strong believers in collaborative design and this collaboration can take whatever form you'd like it to.  Some people like ideas to choose from and others like to brainstorm in person.  Some like to have lots of input and direction and others are hands off.  We are happy to adapt to your style and help you visualise the piece you want.

All collaborations end in either a singular design or perhaps a series of concepts to pick from. 

3. Select a Design

At the end of the collaborative design process you get to choose the design you want to build, perhaps with some small additional refinements.  This design choice will include the wood you'd like it built from and the type of finishes you'd like us to use. This will be the design that will be costed by Mo'Kepala.

4. Quote

With your design selected Mo'Kepala will develop a detailed costing of the design.

It's important to note that costing of furniture depends most on the complexity of the build i.e. how many hours will it take to build and then the materials, the finishes and machine costs. This can mean that a small but complex build will sometimes cost more than a large simple build.  Tables and chairs are a good example of this i.e. in general a dining table is more simple to build and thus cheaper than the dining chairs built to match it.

Using this costing we will send you a detailed quote for your selected design, this quote will include an estimated build time and cost for delivery.  If you live within 15 km of our workshop and the piece we are making for you is small like a coffee table, then we will deliver it for free, if not we will arrange a courier to deliver and add this to the quote. 

The quote will generally take less than a week to get to you once you've selected your design. 

5. Pay Deposit

If the quote is the right price for you and you want us to build the design for you then we will need a 50% deposit from you to secure a place in our build schedule.

6. Build

When that deposit goes through your design gets added to our build schedule and we start construction.  We will send you updates as we go and if you want we can arrange to meet you at our timber suppliers so you can pick out the boards that look best to you.

The quote will give you a build time estimate, its important to note that this is an estimate only. Because each piece is a once off commision and we are committed to the highest quality we can achieve it isn't always possible to be highly accurate about the time needed to build each piece.  We will keep you informed the moment we know that the estimated build time is no longer accurate.

7. Final Payment & Delivery

When your piece is finished we will let you know and the final payment of 50% is required before we have your piece delivered.